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Hello and welcome to the PLAY20 Online Game Jam

Gamecity Hamburg and Creative Gaming e.V. invite you to participate in an online game jam that will take place during the PLAY20 Festival. This game jam is for everyone interested in games, game development, and meeting new people who share this passion. You can sign up as an individual or as a team. We will help individuals to find a team and to form new teams.

The PLAY20 game jam will be hosted by Gamecity Hamburg and will be running from November 6, 2020 6.30 pm till November 8, 2020 4 pm. Following this, a selection of the best games will be played in a livestream by Twitch streamer OddNina. The official communication during the PLAY20 Online Game Jam will be in English.


Nov 6, 6.30 pm
PLAY20 Online Game Jam Introduction in Channel 1

Nov 6, 7.00 pm
Find your team

Nov 6, 7.00 pm

Nov 7, 11.00 am
Meet-up for Participants

Nov 7, 4.00pm
Meet-up for Participants

Nov 8, 11.00 am
Meet-up for Participants

Nov 8, 3.59 pm
Deadline for the games to upload to Itch.io

Nov 8, 4.00 pm
End of the PLAY20 Online Game Jam

Nov 8, 5.30 pm
Let’s Play of selected games on Twitch by OddNina

What you need to know

Who can take part?

Everyone from everywhere. You can participate either as a team or as an individual.

Where do I have to sign-up?

Please sign-up on Eventbrite. This helps us to prepare the game jam and to get an overview, who is looking for a team. Also, make sure to join our #PLAY20 Discord.

Where can I find my teammates if I enter the event as an individual?

Join our #PLAY20 Discord. Here you can get in touch with other participants or the PLAY20 Online Game Jam teams and find team members. Watch out for the channels #searching-for-a-team and also #searching-for-teammembers.

What is the topic?

We will reveal the topic in our PLAY20 Online Game Jam Introduction on November 6, 2020 from 6.30 pm.

Where will the start of the PLAY20 Online Game Jam happen?

Join the official PLAY20 YouTube stream here.

Will there be an award?

No award, but there will be a selection of the best games which will be played by the well-known Twitch Streamer OddNina directly after the game jam. OddNina will select the games out of all uploaded games on our itch.io page.

Are there any restrictions in terms of the platform?

All games should be developed for and playable on Windows PC and uploaded to our itch.io jam page.

What assets, sounds and code am I allowed to use?

The majority of the code must be written during the jam, but you can use any art and sound assets you have the legal right to use.

Is there a possibility to get in touch with the online game jam team if I have any questions or problems?

Sure, the best way is our #PLAY20 Discord.

In which language can I get support from the online game jam team?

English and German.


Here are some rules that all participants have to stick to if they want to take part of the PLAY20 Online Game Jam

1. Be nice!

2. We don´t tolerate racism, sexism and other types of discrimination.

3. Furthermore, we don´t want to see excessive violence, pornographic or unconstitutional content in the games. German law applies, especially §§ 86, 130 and 131 StGB (German Criminal Code).

4. Any game submitted to the PLAY20 Online Game Jam must utilize some form of the topic (will be announced on November 6, 2020). It´s open to interpretation, creativity and unique use of the topic are highly encouraged.

5. All games must be created during the PLAY20 Online Game Jam period. Previously made games will be removed.

6. Your game cannot require any additional software such as an emulator, a game like Super Mario Maker or hardware like a VR headset and your game must be playable on a Windows PC.

7. Your game can be developed in every engine you want and you can use any assets you want, but keep in mind that you don´t use any ripped software or copyrighted music.

8. Any game submitted to the PLAY20 Online Game Jam may show up in a stream, video or reporting about the PLAY20 Online Game Jam without your explicit permission.

9. PLAY20, Gamecity Hamburg or Creative Gaming e.V. claim no rights or ownership of your game.

10. If your game is not appropriate for minors it must be marked with „Adults only“.

What you should do before November 6, 2020

Join our #PLAY20 Discord. Here you can get support, ask questions, find new team members and get in touch with the team of Gamecity Hamburg.

Join here and upload your game


Contact person Gamecity Hamburg (Mail): rene.leck@kreativgesellschaft.org

Contact person Gamecity Hamburg (Discord): Como#8034

Media Partners

PLAY20 – Creative Gaming Festival is an event produced by the Initiative Creative Gaming e. V. and jaf – Verein für medienpädagogische Praxis Hamburg e. V. in cooperation with spielbar.de, the platform of the Federal Agency for Civic Education/bpb on the Subject of Computer Games, Behörde für Schule und Berufsbildung Hamburg and JIZ – Jugendinformationszentrum Hamburg (BSB).

Supported by the HAW Hamburg - Faculty of Design, Media and Information with the Mastercourse Games, the BürgerStiftung Hamburg, designxport and Gamecity Hamburg

In cooperation with the FUNDUS THEATER
Sponsored by siebold/hamburg messebau GmbH

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